Sunday, January 9, 2011

You take away our post office but the Queen stays.

We can all sleep a little bit easier tonight:
A law is set to be passed guaranteeing that UK stamps will continue to feature the Queen's head - even if Royal Mail enters foreign hands.

At present, there is no legal obligation to show the monarch's image, although Royal Mail has always done so.

Postal Affairs Minister Ed Davey said any potential buyer would have to be "mad" to drop it, but the new law would provide a "safeguard" just in case.


Timothy Belmont said...

One can only hope that the image of HM's head remains of the same size and has not shrunk to such a size to make it irrelevant.

I am unenthusiastic about the privatization of the Royal Mail, because it is a National Institution and ought to remain so.

O'Neill said...

Re the Queen's head, I'm guessing the quick law to retain it is an attempt at a kind of compensation for those, like yourself, who don't want the Royal Mail in private hands.

I'm not sure about the privatisation; times and means of communicatio have changed and whereas the closure of a PO ven a decade ago would have been a disaster for alocal community, I'm not so sure now. But like certain industries, perhaps the time has come to let it go?