Monday, January 31, 2011

University tuition fees, the clock ticking for the Scottish Lib Dems?

It's a wholly justifiable comment with regards to Ms Swinson:
“A remark was made that Ms Swinson and the LibDems had as many faces as the town hall clock so why was anyone surprised by what they did?"

Ms Swinson being the Scottish Lib Dem MP whose attitude on university tuition fees depended on which audience and country's electorate she was addressing.

However, her local colleagues are at least showing a more consistent approach:
SPLITS have emerged between local LibDems and MP Jo Swinson over the explosive issue of student tuition fees.

However, during the debate, LibDem group leader Ashay Ghai went public with the unease it is believed many local activists feel about the LibDems’ stance nationally, especially after opinion polls showed their support in Scotland crashing ahead of this year’s Scottish Parliament elections.

Councillor Ghai said: “The LibDem members of this council do have personal views of conviction on the matter and in this case our leanings were towards voting against the coalition government.
Personal "views of conviction", now there's an interesting concept.

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Tacitus said...

We shoulkdn't be too harsh on Clegg and the Lib Dems. After all, Mr Clegg knows he will probably have to pay the £9000 fees in a few years time when his kids go to university.

It must be hard for him to plan for a future for his kids on a salary of over £100,000. But, be assured - the Lib Dems haven't lost their radicalism. Mr Clegg is planning to one day meet an unemployed person - just to find out what its really like to live on the sharp end of life.

Get real Clegg - remember it is the votyers who put you ther and it is the same people who will consign you to the rubbish bin of history.