Friday, January 14, 2011

Tuition Fees- if even the government doesn't grasp the implications then...

You need a masters in Applied Logic to understand the complications of the various devolved Tuition Fees debates:
State funding for poor students at English universities could have to be made available to all EU citizens, according to draft government plans.

Any proposed discounts or fee waivers would have to be open to all EU students on an equal basis, they say.

Before the crunch tuition fees vote it was suggested poor students could get a year's fees paid for by the government.

A government source said if all EU students could apply, they would have to think very carefully about the idea.
Two points here:

1. Does "all" EU students really mean "all" in this case?
2. Shouldn't they have thought "very carefully" about the implications behind the idea before making the original suggestion in the first place?

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