Monday, January 17, 2011

Students for Separation

Obviously one doesn't want to condone this kind of caper:
A coalition of students from other countries in the UK has launched a campaign for Scottish independence in the belief that it would signal a free-for-all at universities north of the border.

A group calling itself English, Welsh and Northern Irish Students For Independence has been leafleting university campuses on the understanding that the European Union would force an independent Scotland to scrap tuition fees for students from the rest of the UK.
But at least there is a solid non-nationalist logic behind their treason;)
The group's literature states: "Currently, if a student is domiciled in Scotland, SAAS (Student Awards Agency Scotland) will pay his or her tuition fees.

"This will not be the case when Scotland becomes independent. Let us make it happen now, so that English, Welsh and Northern Irish students can enjoy the benefits of a free education in Scotland."

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