Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scotland to be the best option for learners. But only if you're Scottish learner.

Further developments in the devolved tuition debate:
Free education for Scottish students has been protected at the launch of a Green Paper setting out a range of options for university funding.
The recent tuition fee hike south of the border has prompted the SNP to prevent what they have called fee refugees from England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
The Scottish Government’s education minister, Michael Russell:
"We do support raising fees for students from the rest of the UK, to ensure Scotland continues to be the best option, not the cheap option, for learners.”
Note the SNP support the raising of fees from the rest of the UK; a fact which Liam Burns seems to have missed in his analysis:
Liam Burns, President of NUS Scotland said: "If fees go up in Scotland for students from the rest of the UK, it will be directly down to the Scottish Liberal Democrats and Conservative MPs that voted for the trebling of fees in the rest of the UK"
Nothing whatsoever to do with the SNP then?

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