Thursday, January 13, 2011

Euroscepticism sighted in North Down?

From The Freedom Association:
We would like to congratulate the 41 MPs who supported Bill Cash’s amendment to the European Union Bill in relation to the sovereignty clause, which would turn the EU bill into something worthwhile, rather than remaining a paper tiger.
27 Conservatives, 8 Labour, 5 DUP and most intriguingly for N.Irish readers, one independent, Lady Hermon "made", as the Freedom Association puts it "a stand for the cause of Euroscepticism and freedom".

Curious. OK, doesn't quite entitle her to membership of the "Better Off Out" Club, but still; I'd have never had her down as a fully fledged Euro-sceptic.


As Lee (and IJP in the comments-zone) points out, Lady H's voting record in the HOC leans much more towards social conservatism (anti-abortion, pro-hunting, luke-warm towards EU) than you would probably have expected.


Timothy Belmont said...

Curious, I wouldn't have put her down as a Eurosceptic either!

O'Neill said...

Doesn't really fit in with her overall political philosophy I would have thought.

Anonymous said...

This has long been a problem - Sylvia has proved expert at being all things to all (wo)men. In fact her voting record is much more centre-right than she would admit and than her public perception.

I am reminded of one woman who, while I was out canvassing, asked me for my position on fox hunting. I said it was no longer relevant but, in truth, I would have opposed the ban. "A good thing I'm voting for Sylvia", she said, before looking bewildered as I informed her that Sylvia *had* voted against the ban!

In the end it's the likeability of the person that matters, not their personality. Turns out Sylvia is roughly three times more likeable than I am... :)

nineteensixtyseven said...

Only 3 times? Having seen you in person I would have thought it would be a lot more.