Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SNP caught in a snowdrift of their own making

David McLetchie, Scottish Conservative Chief Whip:
"It’s not the responsibility of Amazon to keep the roads clear, it’s the responsibility of the Scottish government."
A comment connected to this story. I think in this particular case, if I were a Scottish online shopper, I'd be grateful that the various companies have been at least honest in letting me know in plenty of time that they can't guarantee delivery for Christmas. And as for "abandoning" Scotland, it's nothing more than the usual pathetic populist bleating from the SNP. Profit-making companies do not generally abandon present or potential money-making opportunities unless it is the very last alternative.

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Seymour Major said...

Whenever the SNP have a problem with funding, they blame central Government.

They always present themselves as being "whiter than white"

It looks as though the weather has done that for them.