Monday, November 29, 2010

It's all a bit of shambles....

This is the first entry in my new "Oh Dear. How Sad. Never Mind" category:
CONCERNS were raised yesterday about the “worrying” delay in launching the Yes campaign for next year’s referendum on more powers for the National Assembly.

The referendum is due to be held in just 15 weeks’ time on March 3 – yet the Western Mail understands that the informal group of Assembly politicians and others who have been meeting to discuss forming a Yes campaign has been rebuffed by a number of prominent individuals it asked to chair it.

Among the names mentioned as possible chairs of the Yes campaign are former Wales rugby international Gerald Davies and ex-BBC Wales newsreader Sara Edwards.

A source said: “There have been real problems getting a chair for the campaign. It’s a bit of a shambles.”
If even finding a chair for the campaign has ended up as a "shambles" for them, one wonders how much confidence should then be placed in the self-same Welsh Political Establishment being able to cope with the extra real powers they're demanding?

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