Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dublin, Washington, New York, Westminster, Bangor...have Bill will travel

Owen Polley in Tuesday night's Telegraph highlighted the continuing efforts by the NIHRC to push forward (via lobbying in the Republic, US and Westminster) their thoroughly discredited Bill of Rights; this post was name-checked.

Coincidently, the McWilliams Roadshow rolled into Bangor Town Hall the day before, on Monday afternoon. The meeting began at 4 o'clock, which kind of discriminated against those out earning an honest crust (as opposed to the usual motley crew of quangocrats and professional "community" representatives). The promotion of the Bill, in its full unexpunged glory, was once again top of the agenda.

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DanKilrea said...

BBC source says that Peter O'Neill was not even at Bangor although he is still officially cheif executive - and that his departure when ever it takes place is not actually what the reorganisation review recommended. Monica has been quoted saying his post is "abolished" but this aparrently is not in the review report that keeps the chief executive post open.