Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Devolution for Yorkshire?

Yep, an online movement does now exist.


Yorkshire Devolution said...

I love that we're listed in the 'Nationalist Insurgency' section of your blogroll!

As specifically stated on the site, we remain committed unionists, we just believe certain decisions would be better taken at regional level.

Just like they are in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany & many others.

O'Neill said...

I think its your web address which might have fooled me, you know the:



I'll put over to "Other favourites" until I see that you've earned a place amongst the Righteous Friends of the Union!

Yorkshire Devolution said...

Ha, I take the point about the name.

We decided that it was the only way to convey the message, the word devolution just doesn't have enough resonance in Yorkshire. Most people have no idea what it means.

Independence grabs the attention, then people (hopefully) see the full title (which includes 'campaign for devolution') and read our arguments.