Monday, October 11, 2010

"There be English dragons in them there seas..."

OK, it's a quiet day, but you do have to wonder at the level of paranoia lurking in some political minds:
The SNP has attacked the Ministry of Defence for making Europe’s largest war games appear a fight between Scotland and England.

The war games scenario has angered the party’s rural affairs spokesman who has branded them “galling, politically incorrect and insensitive”. The huge, multinational ensemble of sea, air and land forces are battling it out around the British coast as part of the twice-annual Exercise Joint Warrior. Some 8,000 servicemen and women are taking part in the war games which involves personnel from 14 nations, 30 ships, three submarines, seven helicopter units, 14 land-based air units and 11 separate ground forces.
It involves a territorial dispute between two countries,"Caledonia and Dragonia". "Dragonia" being Wales right?...
But Highland MSP Rob Gibson said: “It is obvious who Caledonia and Dragonia are – given England’s symbol of George and the dragon. This military exercise bears little relation to reality – we should be training for operations in Afghanistan not battles between England and Scotland.
Hmmm...I think you mean, "England's symbol is St George killing the dragon" and as far as I'm aware he didn't beforehand send him northwards to breathe fire on mythical Scottish ships.
“These war games don’t help because they are using a scenario that is sadly stereotypical and has a barely disguised contempt between two neighbouring nations. I am going to write to the MoD asking it to scrap the use of these names again.”
If MOD is one of the very few UK Minsteries left, then why would it go out of its way to deliberately offend?

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