Sunday, October 10, 2010

Elsewhere 10/09/2010

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tony said...

Apologies in advance, those of a delicate nature need not venture any further.

What an odious English arse licking weavil yer man is.............honestly!!!!!!!

>>” He didn’t say that, when a Libyian murderer wants to be released, the SNP can use this to thumb their nose at Wicked America and posture on the world stage. Any excuse to make Scotland seem distinct from England, and themselves as spokesmen for a country.<<

Well was Scots law that decided the issue not what an alleged........nah fuck it! an innocent (of that crime anyway) wants or doesn't want. And obviously the poison pen writer may not like the fact that Scotland IS DISTINCT from our southern neighbours.........he will have to get over it and stop railing at those of us who refuse to bow our nuggets to our implied masters and betters like him.

>>As First Minister, Salmond is in charge of about half of government spending in Scotland - and as a unionist, I'd like him to confine his comments to the provision of public services.<<

So when Lord Haw Haw and th former King of England and his divorced missus wanted Britain to side with Germany in 1940...........quite rightly her governing classes and people did not give a frig what scumbags of that ilk think or what.

>>I'd prefer a period of silence on Salmond's part today, but expectations have shifted. The Scottish media will look to the First Minister to give comments on the death of a Scot, as if he were spokesman for a nation.<<

I think I will let the above stand without need for further remark.

*shakes heid*

O'Neill said...

Alex Massie writes a good response- look out for it in tonight's "Elsewhere"...