Friday, September 10, 2010

Signs back (with additional Polish) after a polish

Follow-up (via email from the Celtic League) to this post:
A police inspector has told the media that Cornish language signs taken down at his police station, following a complaint, will be restored.

Senior police officer, Inspector Mark Bolt, told the BBC and West Briton newspaper that bilingual Cornish/English language sign put up at Camborne police station following a request made by a member of the public, were in fact removed because it looked "scruffy" and needed updating. Inspector Bolt added:

"I am now in the process of having the sign updated and made to look better. The new sign will be written in English and Cornish along with Polish and Lithuanian."
Kernow Branch Secretary, Mike Chappell is sceptical:
"They said that they were having professionally commissioned signs made up to include the English, Cornish, Polish and other commonly used languages here. We shall watch this space with great interest! The challenge has been thrown down to the Colonial Police – let's see if they rise to it!"
Lost credit with that last sentence; "Colonial Police", dear, oh dear.

Anyway, if you ever happen to find yourself down Camborne way these are the signs you should be seeing:

.Welcome to Camborne Police station - Dynnargh orth Gorsav an Kreslu Kammbronn
.No smoking in this office - Megi difennys y'n sodhva ma
.Push pad on right to enter/to exit - Herdhyewgh pad dhe'n dyhow dhe entra/mos 'mes
.Enquiries - Please ring bell once - Govynadow - Senewgh klogh unnweyth, mar pleg
.Enquiry Office - Open 8am to 6pm (closed Christmas Day) - Govynnva - Ygor 8kh dhe 6wh (deges Dydh Nadelik)
.When closed please use wall phone on the right - Pan vo deges gwrewgh devnydh a'n pellgowser fos dhe'n dyhow, mar pleg

And most important of all:

.Sorry, no public toilet facilities available here - Drog yw genen, nyns eus privedhyow kavadow om

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