Monday, September 20, 2010

Quote of the day

Peter Robinson:
I want to see the DUP secure its place as the unionist party that can win support from right across the community. We need to reach out not only to our traditional support base but to the whole unionist community
Very subtle. The "community" within the space of a sentence transmorphs into the ever so slightly more restricted "unionist community".


sammymehaffey said...

methinks you are assuming like most other bigots that catholic = nationalist and protestant = unionist. How sad in this day and age

O'Neill said...

What a bizarre comment.

What do you think Robinson and other "cultural" Unionists mean when they use "The Unionist Community"?

Answer that and you'll have got the point of the post. Hopefully.

Peter A said...

Transmorphs? English is evidently not your first language.

O'Neill said...

Now will you try your very bestest to keep to one posting name in the future and your comments semi-relevant?