Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paddy's still betting on Tom...

... but the gap is closing!

With just a day to go until the leadership of the UUP is decided, Basil McCrea is closing in on Tom Elliott, according to our old mate Paddy Power anyway.

At one stage of the contest, Elliott went as short as 1/5 to win, whereas Mc Crea was the rankest of outsiders in a two horse race at 3/1.

The odds have considerably narrowed over the campaign and as of this morning-

Tom Elliott: 4/11
Basil McCrea: 15/8

If you fancy a flutter, you need to get your skates on as the book closes tonight at 10.

You should bear in mind, however, that, *ahem*, bets will be "void should the party disband or merge with another party" in the meantime!


DR said...

I would love to know where Paddy gets his insights into the UUP! They arent an easy bunch to read, but I'm still trying to figure out where Basils votes are gonig to come from.

O'Neill said...

Paddy got all (except E Belfast) the Westminster results pretty much on the button, so I'd say it's a fairly accurate barometer.

The initial odds, ie Tom at 1/5, will have been calculated by the bookies. The movement since them would have been caused by folk placing bets on either of the two.

The initial runaway favourite has had a bad campaign in other words;)