Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Oh, you mean that *integration*... ? The answer's still no."

The DUP are up to their *creative interpretation* tricks again?
""DUP Assembly Member for East Antrim Alastair Ross has responded to comments from new Ulster Unionist leader Tom Elliott in which Mr. Elliott made reference to pursuing an “integrationist” policy in relation to the advancement of Northern Ireland . The comments were made on the BBC’s Politics Show. Commenting Mr Ross said:

"Tom Elliott’s comments, taken at face value represent a major u-turn in the position of the UUP with regard to devolution. It is important that the confusion surrounding his remarks is clarified immediately. The DUP is a devolutionist party, we believe in""
I, for one, would be delighted if Tom Elliott turns out to be a genuine UK Unionist wishing to integrate us fully with the rest of the nation. I suspect, however, his definition of "integration" is not the same as the DUP Press Office would wish it to be:
"I want to see for the Ulster Unionist Party the same as I want to see for the people of Northern Ireland - that is a working together, that is an integration, not a carve up between two parties or two sections of our community."
That's "integration" as in the "the bringing of people of different groups into unrestricted and equal association, as in society or an organization; desegregation" sense of the word; not the Northern Irish "Let's get closer to the rest of our fellow British citizens" version.

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