Saturday, September 18, 2010

Elsewhere 09/17/2010

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Seymour Major said...

Thanks for posting this link to David Quinn's Article.

I have been totally taken aback by what is now obviously a co-ordinated attack on the Pope, at the time of his visit, by atheist militants.

I get the impression that the humanist organisations have gone beyond what they originally set themselves up to be. They are now the new thought police; the modern day Pharasees, if you like. except that they are on the other side, determined to bring the temple crashing down.

History shows that this kind of attack has the opposite effect of enlightening people. It has the effect of entrenching people's views.

Sorry to rant. It is Sunday - a good day for doing it.

All the best.

O'Neill said...


I an atheist and a believer in the secular state. However, I think the likes of Dawkins and others closer to home actually damage the prospects of us ever achieving the target because they refuse to accept that true secularism means that everyone within the state has the freedom to practise (or not) as the case may be their own beliefs without fear of suppression or (and this is where Dawkins and Co fall down) ridicule.

A case in point was Dawkins radio performance on the creationism in the Ulster Museum debate- our culture minister was wrong to push his opinion on the museum, Dawkins was wrong to ridicule that opinion and the person behind it.