Wednesday, September 29, 2010

California Dreamin'

California presently has a $19.1 billion deficit, the budget is 90 days overdue - the longest delay in state history.

There are increasing grumbles that the:
…lawmakers are spending some of their time – and your (Californian taxpayers’) money – on resolutions that don't even change the law. Critics call it a waste of words – and a distraction from the job of getting a budget done on time.

Some of the causes those resolutions have supported:

• Motorcycle Awareness Month

. Financial Literacy Week

• School Bus Drivers Day

• No-Cussing Week

. California Golf Week

And the latest?

"Final reunification of Ireland by peaceful means"

That has as much chance of achieving its goal as "No-Cussing Week", but sure isn’t it the gesture (paid by other mugs’ money) which really counts in politics?

In two other (probably) unrelated items of Californian political news:

1.The California legislature has the lowest approval rating ever – just 10% of California voters say state lawmakers "are doing a good job".
2. According to latest polls: Californians support Proposition 19, the statewide ballot initiative to legalize marijuana.


fromtheperipheries said...

A similar resolution was adopted by both houses of the state legislature of Massachusetts this March, apparently “memorializing Congress to support a peaceful unification of Ireland”.

A lot of nonsense and hot air.

Ken Biz said...

I love knowing you are part of a wonderful community of folk who are in love with the natural, magical beauty this world has to offer.

michaelhenry said...

final reunification of IRELAND by
peaceful means-
but equality will come first,
those who oppose a united IRELAND
will be known as dissidents,
peace in our time- who would have thought.