Saturday, September 25, 2010

Miliband: arch-devolutionist or just another opportunist at the helm?

Something Ed Miliband, who has won the Labour Leadership election this afternoon, said last summer whilst visiting the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff:
"I think it's really important to say this," he said. "Both in relation to Scotland and Wales, London needs to lighten up in terms of the ability for there to be difference and for Wales to pursue its own agenda."
"London" being whom or what exactly?

Let's see how "lightened-up" he remains if Scottish and Welsh Labour decide to pursue their own agendas, independent of "London".


Dilettante got the chance yesterday to personally ask Milband his opinion on Labour participating in Northern Irish elections. Not as positive an attitude from the new leader, unfortunately, as that seen earlier from brother David and Andy Burnham.


Dilettante said...

Sadly, unlike ruder members of the audience I didn't force through my follow up question. For the record it would have been:

"Are you comfortable with your party maintaining an alliance with another party - the SDLP - that explicitly aims for the dissolution of the country you wish to lead?"

If any gets to put this question, let me know.

michaelhenry said...

read saturdays newsletter[25th sep]
the union series[note-1921 came
about because of the fight then split of IRA+SF ] x colonel tim
collins says labour or the torys or
wait for it, the greens will rule the six county assemply by 2021 with home-grown parties relegated to the sidelines because- 1, they
failed to adapt to the modern world
[what like iraq ] 2, they will die
of irrelevance, me thinks that poor tim caught to much of that desert sun whilst he was looking after those prisoners,
as we know british labour does not run in elections in the six counties, and never will now, but tim sees different, the conservatives were kicked out of the u.u.p only this year, and are not going to stand in next years assembly elections, how could tim have missed that, i do not think that i have to say anything about the greens chances.