Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Welsh wiki-wars brought to you by the UK tax-payer.

In Part 1 we looked at how the denizens at Holyrood gainfully occupy their working hours by sabotaging their opponents' online and in particular trashing their Wikipedia profiles.

Today it's Wales' turn:
POTENTIALLY embarrassing information about Welsh politicians and their parties have been removed from an online encyclopaedia by people working at the National Assembly and in party offices, we can reveal.

On other occasions, damaging material has been added to Wikipedia articles, presumably by political opponents.

Although the identity of those making the changes cannot be firmly established, it is clear that taxpayer-funded staff have been using taxpayer-funded equipment to do so.

Research for the Western Mail also established that Wikipedia has threatened on numerous occasions to ban specified personal computers registered at the Assembly from making amendments to the site in future
I don't believe for a minute that their counterparts at Stormont would have the time to get up to such skulduggery... too busy conspiring and conniving anonymously on Slugger and Twitter to have time spare to waste on that kind of nonsense;)


Lee said...

It's nothing to do with devolution


O'Neill said...

At the time of the expenses scandal both Edinburgh and Cardiff portrayed themseves as havens of propriety in contrast to big bad Westminster. They quite clearly aren't.

Anonymous said...

Good to see George Robinson MLA or his supporters have plenty of time on his/their hands:

I see one wag has added 'citation needed' tags to the more outlandish claims made in his entry; e.g. "the immense respect and esteem in which Ald Robinson is held across the entire community."

O'Neill said...

To be fair a similiar claim is made on Gildernew's site:

"popular across one of the most polarised..." blah, blah, blah!