Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just wait until...

Whilst sensibly not quite pledging to "smash" its coalition partners, Plaid Cymru does face problems typical of minor parties...:
PLAID Cymru intends to establish “clear green water” between itself and its Labour coalition partners in advance of next year’s National Assembly election, the party’s policy director said yesterday.

Consciously echoing Rhodri Morgan’s use of the term “clear red water” to characterise the differences between Welsh Labour and New Labour, Nerys Evans said the party would be unveiling radical new policies in the coming weeks.

Among the proposals will be one that Wales should be able to levy taxes and charges on its natural resources like water and energy sources.
... and those problems in a nutshell are:

a) It will not have the sufficient numbers to form a standalone administration, so any promises made are dependent on prospective coalition partners.
b) As a minor partner for the last four years, it has been working relatively well with Labour. If the proposed policies are so "radical", "new" and presumably great improvements, surely whilst they have actually been in power was the time to introduce them?

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