Sunday, August 1, 2010

Don't you just hate ungrateful/realistic sods?!

The Herald:
Finance Secretary John Swinney is under growing pressure to include the NHS in budget cuts after even the medical profession said it was "naive" to think health could be exempt.

BMA Scotland said the NHS faced a "real-terms reduction in budgets" and called for a more honest debate about what the NHS "can and cannot deliver in the difficult times ahead".

Clinicians should help decide "where cuts can be implemented with least impact", it added.
. The Scottish Health service, apparently, gobbles up £10 billion, a third of the country's budget. Unrealistic to assume then that it can ignored completely, whilst other sectors will be more intensively targetted to bring overall costs down to the necessary level. But health cuts are (obviously) more notoriously difficult to sell to the electorate... hear that clucking in the distance?

I do believe there's more than one breed of nat chicken will be shortly coming home to roost.


Tony said...

Good God some things don't change O'neill!

Here's me on one of my rare visits to the blogosphere and what do I come across;


It is simple........even for you. Health is devolved to Scotland, as a result our government can choose to spend as much or as little as they like on health. The fact that the English spend per capita is Scotland's fault how exactly?

Oh and quoting from the CEP just about sums up the credibility of the piece.

The one substantive point you make regarding the BMA, well well. I'm not sure where they are coming from as there are forums for their input at several levels. Indeed only this week th health minister Nicola Sturgeon took part in a kind of forum of forum encompassing all the feedback from right across the medical profession spectrum.

I am also sure that you are aware of the just how open and inclusive Holyrood is compared to Westminster, so much so that I believe yir pal Cameron (don't get me started......the fraud!) is looking to follow it's lead for reforming Westminster.

Aw the best yan ostrich thit ye ur!

O'Neill said...

You know me, plus ca change...

More than one breed of nat chicken coming home to roost includes your chums in the CEP (cue the link).

If Swinney starts to swing the axe (and he will have to) it destroys the main populist plank that the CEP may have gained the main on the streets support with, ie health spending and service differentials between Scotland and wales. The man in the street will fume about getting worse health care for the same tax paid, he wonét be that bothered by the more abstract concepts of constitutional inequality.

tony said...

Ah so yet another baseless attack on the Scottish SNP govt. is reall just a bit of subterfuge aimed at undermining the near mindless morons at the CEP who currently have diddly squat support.

Aye right!

Hey why don't you blog about yir pal Camerons's 'respect' (sic) agenda for Scotland and how we have an idiotic labour MP (reputedly) calling for Salmond and Mackaskill(but no labour former ministers unsurprisingly) to genuflect before some non-descript US talking shop that no-one in the US is very interested in.

Apologies if you already have blogged on the matter.

O'Neill said...

I did blog on our US friends' demands:

It was almost sympathetic to the SNP;)