Friday, July 9, 2010

"We'll confirm it is an imperialist history lesson, once we remember who we've asked to write it."

Nice juxtaposition of "UK", "Scottish" and "English" (with just a hint of nouveau-imperialism thrown in)to upset even the mildest-mannered of anti-Brit nationalist.
THE UK government has been accused of a "blatant attempt" to revive imperialism by consulting a right-wing Scottish historians on England's national curriculum.
Labour former minister Lord Clinton-Davis pointed to reports that the curriculum had been discussed with Scots- born historian Niall Ferguson and fellow academic Andrew Roberts.

But education minister Lord Hill of Oareford said it was "not at all certain" that they had been asked to take part and details of the review of the curriculum would be announced "in due course".
An "education minster" doesn't know if they had been asked to take part or not??!! I think that's what should be disturbing critics of the new curriculum the most here.

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