Thursday, July 29, 2010

SNP defines the boundaries of decency.

From The Scotsman:
AN SNP activist has been expelled from the party for suggesting a Labour supporter who died from a heart attack was a drug addict.

Alan Clayton had hinted that local government worker Danus McKinlay, a Labour activist and close friend of former Glasgow City Council leader Steven Purcell, was a crack cocaine user.

The SNP has expelled Mr Clayton over the comments. However, Mr Clayton, who is thought to made the remarks in his "Mediawatch" e-mail newsletter, has appealed against his expulsion.
The full disgusting nature of their comments and their context can be read here; in brief, the 74 year old scumbag in question, who had campaigned for the enterprise minister Jim Mather, made the allegations regarding the tragic death of a Labour supporter, a lad only 18 years old.

The family, like almost everyone else I'm sure, couldn't understand his motivations:
Last night, a spokesman for Danus's family said: "Everyone is distraught. Danus was just their wee boy when this terrible tragedy struck.

"They don't understand why a man they've never heard of would choose to hurt them like this. They just want to grieve in peace and be left alone to come to terms with what has happened."
Why he would choose to hurt them? Clayton's "Media-Watch" was set up to counter "pro-Unionist bias" in the Scottish newspapers, TV and radio and in that war it seems there was no gutter low enough for him to choose as a battle-ground. The SNP have done the only honourable thing here and if Clayton had any trace of decency, he would not be appealing. But then if he had any trace of decency, he wouldn't have written the original allegation in the first place.

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