Friday, July 23, 2010

England deregionalised

From the BBC:
The government has announced plans "in principle" to abolish Government offices in the English regions.

The eight offices coordinate activity between local authorities and also between local and central government, employing about 1,500 people.

The closure of the London office has been announced. It employs 200 people.
Reducing at a stroke an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy, but Pickles employs an additional, somewhat provocative, justification:
Cabinet minister Eric Pickles said they were not voices for regions in Whitehall but "agents of Whitehall to intervene and interfere in localities".
That "agents of Whitehall" infiltrating the far corners of the state is reminiscent of the USSR circa 1984 and although I'm sure it's not quite that bad, a strong enough argument hasn't been made by either Labour or the Unions for their retention.


thedissenter said...

It was 'that bad'.

O'Neill said...

Mr Pickle obviously thought so, although his tone was ever (once again: the exaggerated side.