Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Jam - Ghosts

I usually try to pull in some tenuous political link with my Saturday tunes...failed with this one I'm afraid. The Jam, along with The Smiths and New Order, are a band I really wish I'd been old enough to see once live rather than the approx. dozen times a night on YouTube. Weller, along with Paul Heaton, Morrissey and Shane MacGowan, is one of very few genuine poets these islands have produced in the last 30 years and all of his stuff has more than stood the test of time:


kensei said...

New Order were touring until comparatively recently. Saw them at the Electric Picnic a few years back. Good shiow, though should have left the Joy Division tracks alone.

O'Neill said...

I suppose I should have said "seen them in their prime"; Hookie looking degenerate at 50 plus doesn't hold the same magic!

"Unknown Pleasures" in its entirety on my MP3 at the minute, I'd put it as one of my top 20 albums, but there is a definite thick line between Joy Division and New Order for me, they simply don't mix. Saw the Corbijn film last year and the main thought afterwards is how Curtis would have fitted into New Order and basically the answer is he couldn't have.