Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quote of the day

Jeffrey delivers one of those "Huh??!" moments:
"The case for the Union is a powerful one but it is often unspoken. I advocate the creation of a UK-wide movement that will draw together political and civic unionism in a campaign to promote the maintenance of the Union and to defend the integrity of the United Kingdom."


Dilettante said...

Wow, not the sort of thing you expect from the DUP. I may write in support.

Dilettante said...

Although the Church-focus is perhaps more typical.

O'Neill said...

Hold your horses there D., DUP pronouncements are not always to be taken at face value:


Followed by:

DUP Deputy Leader Nigel Dodds said today:

“In response to some misrepresentation, I want to reaffirm and clarify that there has been no U-turn in the DUP’s position on multiple mandates. Our Party Officers and ruling Party Executive have voted to bring this practice to an end. In our recent manifesto we stated “Following the Westminster election, successful DUP candidates will step down within weeks from the Northern Ireland Assembly, as early as practically possible”. This is and will remain the position."