Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vote with your heart...

Nick Clegg (rebuffing a plea by Labour peer Andrew Adonis for Lib-Dem supporters to back Labour to stop the Conservatives gaining power:
Vote with your heart. Don’t be told by politicians like Lord Adonis you’re only allowed to have a choice of two.

I think it’s really arrogant for Lord Adonis to sort of declare at a time when we have so much choice in our lives – from the holidays we take, from the mobile phones that we choose, from the food that we choose and so on – [that] uniquely in politics, you are only allowed to choose from the red team or the blue team.

Vote with your heart; vote for the values and the policies you believe.
Amen to that.
Calling Plaid Cymru "two bit" might backfire though...


Mr Ulster said...

I read this with interest, as I know Andrew Adonis from my days at Oxford:

Adonis' latest comments are a long way away from his days as a Lib Dem councillor in Oxford!

O'Neill said...

I suppose we all have the right to change opinion over time...interesting to read your background on him though.

tony said...

the two-bit remark was aimed at Salmond.

Sure he laps that up.