Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Off to Jordan...over land and sea and Leicester

As any UK political blogger with an ounce of credibility is priming their keyboard to go into General Election Overdrive, Ms O'Neill and myself are (Volcanos Willing) off soon for a couple of weeks in Jordan and (Israeli Defence Force Willing) Jerusalem.

It's a trip planned for a long time (basically since we visited Israel as 2 wide-eyed and bushy-tailed backpackers many moons ago); I perhaps should have paid more attention to the dates she pushed past (suspiciously quickly!) me six months ago.
You're not to worry though, I'll be back to vote and pontificate in time for 6th May.

Re the title of the post, not sure why, but ever since the continent became cut off on Thursday, I can't get that line of the old Chelsea song out of my mind... thanks to some excellent forward thinking (not by me you'll not be surprised to discover) our starting point will be a bit further east than Larne Harbour.


wildgoose said...

I'm sure we are all dying to know whether you actually did manage to get back in time to vote, given all the problems with cancelled flights in Irish and Scottish airspace.

(Fingers crossed - it can't be much fun if you're stuck in an airport lounge somewhere).

wildgoose said...

Well, it looks like Cameron's strategy of going to Scotland and giving speeches about how proud he was of the "Scottish blood in his veins" and attacking the English by saying that he was going to "stand up for Scotland against the sour little Englanders" has ensured that he now has, er, the exact same number of Scottish MPs he had before, i.e. just the one.

Thee were some close contests in England. I'll bet he wold have been glad of a few hundred extra votes in those seats. Shame he decided to seriously piss off so many English in his desperate (and failed) search for an extra seat or two in Scotland.

O'Neill said...

We got back OK thanks and I, at least, managed to vote. Israeli security at Allenby Bridge caused us the biggest delay of the trip incidently, though my partner's offer to sell her passport to Mossad probably had something to do with that though;)

Seen you at the count looking suitably unimpressed with Clegg- it was good to put a face to the online presence!