Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Internal party debate, BNP style

Never a dull moment in BNP-land:
The BNP has been thrown into turmoil weeks ahead of the general election after a senior party member was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill Nick Griffin.

Key party officials have been summoned to a meeting tomorrow to discuss "urgent organisational matters" after Griffin and colleagues made statements to police resulting in the BNP's publicity director, Mark Collett, being detained on Thursday.

Collett, 29, had been due to contest Labour MP David Blunkett's Sheffield Brightside seat in the election but has been stripped of his position within the party which accused him of conspiring to launch a "palace coup" against Griffin.
Even in terms of the normal quality of BNP activist, Collett is a particularly odious character; an outed devotee of Adolf Hitler< Billy Wright and Johnny Adair and a believer in the *fact* that AIDS was a "friendly" disease (ie it attacked primarily "blacks and queers"). The fact that allegedly there are members of his own party nutty enough to consider assassination attempts should add a certain frisson to Old Nick's election campaign.

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