Friday, April 9, 2010

Balancing on the precipice of an overall majority

Only a strong Plaid team of local champions can be trusted to break the Westminster bubble and deliver the best deal for the communities of Wales in a balanced Parliament
That "balanced" sounds so much better than "hung". Plaid Cymru have opened their campaign:
My appeal is that people do not waste their vote on May the 6th on yet another Labour, Tory or Lib Dem MP to toe their London party line.
It's a similar message being preached by both the SNP and the DUP. The problem is convincing their respective electorates, as the polls push back in the direction of an overall Conservative and Unionist majority, that their votes aren't indeed being wasted if their chosen candidate has no chance of forming or even influencing the next government.

I suspect the squeeze on the smaller parties is only going to get tighter as we approach election day.


tony said...

Great stuff from Plaid, the bit about local champions is to be a nationalist theme. Considering the corruption so institutionalised in the London parties it is much preffered.

Incidently the Times coloumnist Joan McAlpine is forever going on about how big business hate the SNP. She puts it down to their inability to be bought unlike local labour apparatchiks.

You are curiously quiet about Fermanagh south Tyrone Oneil. You either spin and brass neck it out, Or call a spade a spade.

Either way it highlights the differences (yet again) between what you say and how the party you support acts.

O'Neill said...

"You are curiously quiet about Fermanagh south Tyrone Oneil."

I'm waiting patiently for the day someone pays me to become a full-time blogger. Until then you'll just have to wait until I can manage to find 10 minutes during my coffee break to catch up with the professionals!

tony said...

Slap taken ;¬)