Tuesday, March 30, 2010

With Alex on your side, failure is not an option.

It would have made a much more dramatic post, if he'd said "Away on with ye, Algeria, Slovenia, USA all the way" but fair's, fair that's not what he said:
"Although it's hugely disappointing Scotland didn't qualify, I'm looking forward to the World Cup," said Mr Salmond in a statement issued by his spokesman.

"It's great for African football that it's being held there for the first time and it would be terrific for the tournament if South Africa reach the latter stages.

"I don't root against England – they have some fine players and under the impressive Fabio Capello are capable of being involved deep into the knock-out stages. I wish them well."

Pushed as to whether or not he would back England his spokesman said: "Yes he will"

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tony said...

Nae chance, more likely to support the cheating French!