Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quote of the day

A not so stupid Civic Nationalist fights back against the English Independence Party's idea of racial purity:
Is a more inclusive English national identity a threat to the cultural identity of the ethnic English? I don't think so. It may undermine the racial coding of Englishness, but that would be no bad thing, and those ethnic nationalists who are more interested in protecting the cultural inheritance of England should think about the positive benefits of an immigrant population who respect - respect not tolerate - the ethnic English on the basis of a mutual respect and a shared national identity.


Toque said...

Thanks. Have you seen the comments that that post has received? Debating with those idiots is like wading through teacle whilst wearing clown shoes.

O'Neill said...

Not unexpected I'm sure.

Even if I was thinking on the same wavelength as them, I'd keep my gunpowder dry for, well, I suppose, the Unionists or at least people who don't want either an English parliament or independence full stop.

Instead they seem to reserve their biggest ire for those nominally on the same side. Masterful strategists they are not!

Toque said...

Or to put it another way, better to keep your mouth shut than to reveal yourself as an idiot.