Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shucks...well, thank you John!

I've broken my self-imposed pre-session preparation family time silence for an important announcement:
The Gobshite Cup goes to Irish political blogging for all its terrific support of the Fearless Flying Column in 2009.

Top sites are the UUP arse-licking Bobballs, A Pint of Unionist Lite, and Three Thousand Versts of Loneliness. Keep pumping out that shite folks; sorry, that should read informed political comment
Enjoy your New Year John and anyone else unfortunate enough to be still reading on this last day of 2009!


Anonymous said...

Well done O'Neil, nothing like a bit of recognition,


O'Neill said...

Although no great rush of Irish Daily Star readers in this direction yet...surprisingly:)

A happy New Year to yourself, your family and the dog;) Rory

peteram79 said...

Can't say I'm massively familiar with the Irish Daiuly Star but, according to Google, it's backed by both Tony O'Reilly and Richard "Dirty" Desmond. While Desmond's fortune comes from decidedly dubious means, in the UK he likes to portray himself as a respectable establishment figure heavily involved in charity work. It beggars belief that these two individuals can be publishing what is no more than dissident republican proganda as a "comment" piece. Well, it would beggar belief, except in the crazy netherworld of Irish Republicanism...

O'Neill said...

"It beggars belief...."

...even further, Peter, that Coulter is their "Unionist" correspondent, as it were!