Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It would be enough to drive you to drink. But more than 2 units daily is not allowed

Alan Pearce is a journalist, broadcaster and author who has covered conflicts around the world for a variety of news organisations, including Time Magazine, The Times, Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph.

He’s also the author of the two latest additions to the Unionist Lite Bookstore, both guaranteed to make your blood boil, tear your hair out and thank your lucky stars that our Betters are out there looking after our best interests:

Whose Side are They On? How Britain's Bonkers Government Is Coming After You

"Pearce started this investigation into what is so terribly wrong with modern Britain that it needs to be given an ever-growing mountain of detailed rules, instructions, laws and offences. What follows is a factual investigation into a decade of function creep and a growing army of big-brother law enforcers who are targeting the daily lives of ordinary people. Paid-for by the tax-payer and employed by a government obsessed with targets, this army takes aim at the innocent rather than those who are offenders, because in the words of a Croydon Council draft document: ‘law-abiding citizens pay their fines.’ Could it be that daily life in Britain is on the verge of being ruined by Big-Brother government?"
A perfect example is provided by the upcoming E Borders scheme:
"Anyone wishing to leave the country will have to give the government 24-hours notice or face fines up to £5,000 under the e-Borders scheme that comes fully into effect in 2010. The UK Border Agency wants passengers to supply credit-card details, email addresses, holiday contact numbers and detailed travel itinerary as well as listing all previously missed flights. People leaving Britain will be forced to hand over 53 separate pieces of information when they pay for their ticket. Details will be shared between police, HM Revenue and Customs and domestic and foreign security services. Those failing to complete all the questions or anyone deemed ‘suspicious’ will be prevented from leaving"
You’d better off staying in Portrush...

...or maybe not:
"The coastguards who have been ordered to fill in a health and safety questionnaire before they can respond to calls for help. All 400 of Britain’s rescue units have been told that they must first complete a ‘vehicle pre-journey risk assessment’.
From "It's Health and Safety Gone Mad!", also by Pearce and published this week:
"We no longer face the perils of Christmas tinsel or risk ‘trip hazards’ from our own doormats. The State has stepped in to keep us all safe from harm. We no longer fear banging our heads on hanging baskets. We don’t have to chance our luck dancing on hard-wood floors. We have a watchful government on the look-out for health and safety ‘crimes’. It’s hard to imagine the risks that our predecessors faced - it’s a miracle that we managed to survive this far. Britons, it seems, are all incapable of thinking for themselves. How many realise the dangers of baggy swimming trunks or the risks we face queuing for concert tickets? Even swallowing great handfuls of yew tree leaves can prove hazardous. Where once common sense ruled, today we have legislation."
Baggy swimming trunks?

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