Thursday, December 3, 2009

Doh! Another Foulke(s)-up

After the recent unmasking of the two abusive cybernats, it would have been a solid bet that the SNP would have been scouring the various pro-Union blogs for something to hurl back; I’m under no illusions about this site’s bargain-basement slot in the Unionist-Nat department store ,but even my stats over the last few days have shown a big rise in first-time readers, most of them coming to check out my various Salmond posts and also my Comments Policy.

Admittedly, I have referred to Alex as "El Tartanissimo" on several occasions, although I suspect, a "We unmask self-employed Northern Irish Unionist blogger in (deep breath) Salmond dodgy Spanish military dictator (sort of) comparison (another deep breath) Shocka!" screamer wouldn’t carry that much traction with the typical Scottish tabloid reader.

Thanks for the increase in the readership figures anyway lads and lasses, but really you should have waited for at least a couple of days before wasting your time bottom-feeding on here; your old chum, George, has answered you prayers and delivered you the prime catch you were after:
You Muss say sorry


Aye We Can ! said...

Once again I plead the case for Lord Foulkes MSP to be sent on a long term job swap to Stormont. We will take anyone in return!

O'Neill said...

Be very careful what you wish for... ;)