Friday, December 4, 2009

"Crisis" is a very subjective word...

The first four headlines on Nuzhound today read:
Belfast Telegraph: Northern Ireland policing and justice deal is 'no closer'

The News Letter: 'Justice Minister in place by Xmas'

Londonderry Sentinel: Justice devolution is 'years away'

BBC: Martin McGuinness warns of 'full-blown Stormont crisis'
One of those four doesn't quite fit the pattern but apart from that...ho hum, nothing like news of a full-blown Stormont crisis to get the weekend off to a great start;)


Timothy Belmont said...

The word Crisis seema to the Shinners' favourite mantra-turned-cliche.


Anonymous said...


O'Neill said...

I most certainly am not Grand Master; au contraire, just cracked open a cheeky little Pinot Noir to celebrate...sorry...commiserate with those worried about the fall of the Circus on the Hill.

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha! VG, O'Neill. Enjoyed that excellent riposte. I had a few modest glasses last night. As M Devenport said, the Show up there on the Hill ought to be interesting, come the New Year.