Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christine Grahame and another inconvenient nationalist truth

Without going into the pros and cons of an army career, this is an interesting convergence of views on the matter between Bruce Crawford, the SNP Parliamentary Business Minister:
I am delighted that 1,000 people in Scotland have gained permanent employment which will enhance their skills base through training and education.

These recruits are a credit to themselves and their families and Scotland* applauds their decision to serve.
and our (Unionism's) old friend, Christine Grahame:
The grim reality of joining the British Army is that if you join up you have a 1 in 9chance of coming home seriously wounded or worse, in a body bag.

The figures I have obtained give an indication of the intensity of fighting in Afghanistan and the huge toll it is taking in young people’s lives, leaving many scarred for life, mentally and physically.

I do not blame young people for turning to the Army as a way out of poverty and deprivation brought on by the failed economic policies of London Labour.
Ah, we're back again to London Labour, that'll be the "London" Labour led by a man from where exactly? But that little quibble is besides the point; again I think Ms Grahame's opinion on this (as with the monarchy) is closer to what would be the consistent nationalist one; a SNP senior politician welcoming the increase in British Army recruitment in Scotland just doesn't make any kind of sense.

*Again the presumption by a SNP politician that he/she is entitled to speak on behalf of Scotland. On this, as with most matters, I'm sure that he doesn't...


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She can't add up. She has taken the casualties over the entire length of the conflict and divided it by the number of troops in Afghanistan.

Only if someone was deployed constantly would the chances reach 1 in 9.

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My post, Christine Grahame or what you're having for tea?