Saturday, November 7, 2009

Youth against the tired, predictable, stereotypical and cliched.

Another weekend musical treat from the far end of the spectrum to last week's trip to Scarborough Fayre. Today's tune, "Youth against Fascism (It's the song I hate)" by Sonic Youth doesn't actually deliver what the title appears to be offering.

Instead it's a clever dig at those who don't bother moving outside the cliched to express their fashionable and often manufactured outrage and anger at the easy targets. By doing so, they're not saying those targets are not only easy, but also usually justifiable- they're simply questioning, in some cases, the motives and, in almost all cases, the unimaginative, stereotypical language employed to deliver the message.

Another can of worms
Another stomach turns
Yeah, your ghetto burns
It's the song I hate, it's the song I hate

You got a stupid man
You got a Ku Klux Klan
Your fuckin' battle plan
It's the song I hate, it's the song I hate
It was aimed primarily at the whole agitpop music scene but being a regular reader of blogs such as Slugger O'Toole and the comments section of The Scotsman and Bele Tele I can see parallels; every thread about the Orange Order must contain an early dawn comparison with the KKK, only the SNP can save the Scottish Soul from the Unionist-Brit-English imperialists and if I had a pound for every "oppression" pumped out with monotonous regularity into the unionist-nationalist cyberspace, then this blog would have renamed "A Flute of Apolitical Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial" a long time ago....

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