Saturday, November 28, 2009

A little English for the road sir?

Looking for something a bit different to toast St Andrew with on Monday?

How about a wee dram of "St George’s" from the English Whisky Co:
The distillery produced its first 'run' in November 2006 and it was with much excitement and with an enormous sense of achievement that we filled the first barrel of 'St. George's whisky'. We now produce on average 13 casks a week, building up a good stock of delicious English Malt Spirit

(Comments will be very tightly controlled on this one!)


Joe said...

I've heard in the past of a Welsh an Japanese (Suntory) whiskey but never English.
I thought that only gin was the English spirit! How many times is St George distilled? once, twice or three times?

Toque said...

If I remember correctly, whiskey was made first in Wales (and the Scots and Irish nicked it).

O'Neill said...

Joe given the spelling used (ie no "e"!), a very pertinent question.

It was a quite a clever marketing ploy on their part though getting the article (along with the predictable Tartan army comment) in D Mail the weekend before St Andrews: