Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bertie's autobiography available at all good bookstores. And Unionist Lite

Advance warning for any of you in Belfast next Thursday:
The Bookshop at Queen’s
invites you to meet

Bertie Ahern

Who will be signing copies of
Bertie Ahern, The Autobiography

In the Bookshop,
Thursday 26th November 2009
12.45– 2.00pm

All welcome.
Just make sure he gives you back your pen, that's all I am saying;)

For those unable to get to the Bookshop at Queen's have no fear, Mr Ahern's biography now is also available in the "World Politics" section of the rapidly expanding Unionist Lite bookstore. The UK Politics department of the same establishment now contains the two recently published barnstormers from David Gordon and Professor Tom Gallagher (demolition jobs on the Paisleys and Scottish nationalism respectively), as well as established classics from the likes of Norman Porter, Arthur Aughey, Alan Clark, Tony Benn, Niall Ferguson, Mark Perryman and er...Kevin Myers. Football fans and supporters of Liverpool FC now also have their own select part of the store with a small, yet eclectic, choice on offer; as with the other two sections to guarantee pre-Christmas delivery, early ordering is recommended:)


Anonymous said...

Surely Bertie's autobiography belongs in the fiction section of your bookstore.


O'Neill said...

That's no way to refer to the literary output of a News of the World's "journalist"...

Chekov said...

I thought your football section was going to be last night's match programme!

O'Neill said...

"Return to base Agent Benitez, mission accomplished" ;)

tony said...

Celtic doesn't count as fitba any more, and I don't even get any pleasure in seeing Rangers humiliated so often such is our plight.

>>David Gordon and Professor Tom Gallagher (demolition jobs on the Paisleys and Scottish nationalism respectively)<<

Re-Gallagher, I think you and him have been smoking the same stuff Benitez has. Demolitiion..................ma arse and parslrey! The guy's a crank.