Friday, October 16, 2009

Quote of the day

Newton also does serious quite well...
Telling people to live, work and study together while also telling them they are culturally, ethnically and even racially different is as glaring a paradox as telling them they can aspire to a United Kingdom and a united Ireland at the same time.

The old slogan from the 1970s “There’s no united Ireland without a united Northern Ireland,” was always regarded as embarrassingly twee.

Nevertheless, most participants in the shared future debate appear to have concluded that it is also still embarrassingly true.

This creates a particular problem for Sinn Fein, which cannot even say the name of the place it calls ‘here’ let alone support a border-delineated blending of the tribes. Sinn Fein does not support a “shared future” in the lazily-assumed sense of the term. It supports an Irish future, which we will all share once the Prods have been surrounded and snapped out of their British false consciousness.

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