Tuesday, October 20, 2009

McElduff steps outside the box.

From the man who once suggested that the road to a United Ireland lay in the painting of Royal Mail boxs green and who made a complaint about the number of David Beckham posters in Ulster workplaces, a surprisingly good suggestion based on working beyond the usual sectarian sorry, communal boundaries.

It could well be that the general embarrassment caused within Irish nationalism with the (premature) sectarian gloating prior to the last Census results being announced (take a bow Tim Pat 'Count-the-Catholics' Coogan, Nell McCafferty, Eamon Phoenix, Susan McKay and most amusing of all, Bazzer’s own colleague, Mitchel McLaughlin) has led to this welcome development...although it’s a suggestion which I feel will be less than welcome in some of the ethno-nat covens residing in the murkier end of the blogosphere.

What would such a question show? Obviously,it's only an educated guess, but, given the compulsory nature of the census and and the complete inability of the pro-Union parties to mobilise anywhere near the potential pro-Union vote, I suspect any surprises will be positive in the direction of the Union. I also think the "don’t knows/don’t cares" would be higher than expected and the correlation between "community background" and constitutional preference would be lower.

But who knows 100% for certain?
McElduff has thrown down the gauntlet, have the pro-Union politicians got the courage and the vision to pick it up?


tony said...

You don't do grudging praise well at all.

O'Neill said...

Considering his very recent past (trying to justify the use of a sportd ground for a paramilitary display) I have actually been very restrained.