Thursday, October 15, 2009


...though not with a proper post today!

Work continues to keep me very busy and mentally knackered, although I enjoyed the time off yesterday evening to watch the Czech Republic manage to scrape a draw off Northern Ireland...I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I'd actually been there, but can't really complain with the trips I've managed this campaign.

Anyyyway...not that a great a match, but further confirmation, I think, that we've got a pretty bright future ahead with another young'un giving a very accomplished debut. A short clip of Niall McGinn's performance and postmatch interview here. McGinn, the rest of the Old Firm Quartet (Davis, Lafferty and McCourt), the Utd* Trio (Cory and Jonny Evans and Chris Cathcart) and the likes of Sammy Clingan, will, I'm sure, be forming the backbone of a very tidy team for the future. Coupled with the indirect boosts over the last couple of years- a much more competent youth set-up (and manager) and the defeat of the White Elephant Project things are most definitely looking up.

And the GAWA will, no doubt, keep enjoying themselves and doing good work, their latest charity work here, both Kate Hoey MP and Chekov in attendance!

*Two other Utd young N.Irish lads worth keeping an ear open for; Olly Norwood and Conor Devlin


Chekov said...

Indeed I was in attendance. I didn't enjoy Kate's comments about Ukraine and Poland! ;-) Was at the table just behind her whilst the speech was going on.

O'Neill said...

Don't know what she said, but I can't say that if we do qualify a return visit to Poland is something that I would look forward to...