Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DUP unequivocal about their equivocation.

In the wake of Sir Thomas Hogg's new set of rules on MPs' expenses, Peter Robinson has said for the DUP MPs there would be "no equivocation or quibbling over any repayment and that all payments should be made immediately".

Iris Robinson, when told to repay £2,274, appeared to equivocate and quibble:
"One relates to the only item of furniture where I believe Sir Thomas has not properly applied the guidelines, one is the identical issue in respect of Peter Robinson and the remaining item was for a service charge which was duplicated, but which we believed the amount paid simply reduced a subsequent bill."
But I must have misunderstood her husband's first unequivocal statement, he later helpfully clarifies it:
"Where there are genuine disputes about his provisional conclusions these can be followed up but we will accept entirely Sir Thomas Legg's final determination,"
So, presumably, the payments will still be immediate, just not "immediate" in its generally accepted definition of "now".

And "equivocation" or "quibbling" will be acceptable as long as they are defined by Peter as concerning "genuine disputes". Hopefully that's clear.

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