Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sammy's singing the blues

So, Sammy Wilson has come out of the closet.

Not only is he a Linfield fan, but he is one of those select lowest of the low, an East Belfast born and bred Blueman. Also it would appear "fat wee men" have now joined his hate/ridicule list alongside environmentalist "con artists", health and safety "nuts", Irish speaking "leprechauns" and those foreigner workers who come here to steal our "exploited by ruthless gang bosses".

OK, admitedly he hasn’t got problems with "fat wee men" ( a fair proportion of Ulster's adult male population collectively breathes a sigh of relief) per se, more those metaphorical "fat wee men on the terraces", ie those ungrateful citizens hurling ill-founded abuse (or constructive criticism?) at our hard working reps up at Stormont.

The problem for Sammy is that despite what Brecht may have alleged, the N.Irish Executive cannot dissolve the people and elect another. With the level of public discontent now apparent, either the Assembly is not doing a good enough PR job advertising all the numerous successes being achieved on a daily basis...or, just perhaps, folk suspect those successes are not being achieved.
Either way whose fault is that? Hardly the fat wee men's.

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