Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A little bit of fudge should be just enough...

Further to my post on the 28th of this month:
A deal has been struck over translating English speeches into Welsh in the record of assembly proceedings.

The Assembly Commission has now agreed a full translation will be published within three to five working days.
And guess what?
When in doubt, when a decision really needs to be fudged- what do we need?

That’s right, the tried and tested solution...a “full and transparent review”, the answer for all devolution’s problems.
The commission issued a written statement saying: "It was agreed that the timescale for the plenary record should be reduced to three to five working days and that the issue will form part of a full and transparent review to examine all the options for the delivery of bilingual services.

"The review will start as soon as possible, will involve consultation with members, and will be completed by the end of January."
And just to make sure the buck can be passed and the final outcome is delayed that little bit longer/forever:
The statement added that the investigation would "provide the basis for public consultation on how the national assembly's Welsh language scheme should be revised."

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