Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gdzie stadion? Oh...right then...prosn dwa piwa.

There'll be no blogging round these parts until at least Tuesday next week as I'm off very shortly to Berlin and the post-industrial, social-realist Disneyland that is Chorzow, Silesia, Poland*.

So, yep, another away match with Northern Ireland and hopefully it'll be my first away points ( never mind victory) since Leichtenstein which seems almost a decade ago now (March 2006?). Though to be in still with a mathmatical chance with 3 games to play is good enough for me, especially having witnessed the performance first hand less than 12 months ago in Bratislava and Maribor. I'm 99.99% sure we'll not do it this time, but I'm also convinced we've got some exciting years ahead when some of the younger members of the present team mature and a few of the under 21s and younger, presently moving up through the ranks, break through. A new Youth Coach has helped our long term prospects; getting a more tactically aware manager for the full team will be an even bigger bonus.

That's all the match analysis you're getting from me- I'll be twittering, mobile and patience willing, on Saturday both the build-up to (because those Polish motorways sure are exciting) and the game itself. I fully expect a 1-0 to Poland, a goal scored with five minutes to go and me suffering no worse an injury than a kielbasa grease stain on my Danny Blanchflower '58 retro shirt*.

*And *sigh* yes, Ciaran, I'm stopping in Berlin only because I'm a cowardy custard, nothing to do with the facts that

1. I booked accomodation and flight when the match was originally scheduled for Szechin, 2 hours from Berlin
2 Berlin offers ever so slightly more in terms of cosmopolitan weekend entertainment than a Silesian mine town where all the mines have closed.


Chekov said...

I'm very jealous. Please, please bring back a point! I badly want to Prague game to mean something.

Anonymous said...


hope you get a win, be careful over there,


Anonymous said...

Well, ye got your point, good result.


O'Neill said...

Thanks, a very enjoyable trip all round. V impressed with both Northern Ireland first half and Berlin. The Polish security operation was also first class.

Hopefully more than a point tonight against the Slovaks.