Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Federal Union...or bust?

Arthur Aughey has described the brand of English nationalism emerging since the devolution settlements of the late 90s as still “a mood, not yet a movement”. A part of that “mood” is the Campaign for an English Parliament, their strategy outlined here is:

to assemble the most powerful coalition of expert and public opinion possible with a view to securing an English referendum on the question of establishing a Parliament for the residents of England.”

A prominent member of that campaign (and regulator commentator here), David Wildgoose, recently delivered a speech at the Liberal-Democrats conference, outlining the stark choices, as he sees it, presently facing the United Kingdom.

It’s obviously directed primarily at a Lib-Dem audience but I believe there is enough food for thought also for the Unionist reader to justify publishing it at Open Unionism in its entirety.

You can read and comment on it here.