Friday, May 8, 2009

Quote of the day

In disentangling our Englishness from a Britishness which has denied the Scots and Welsh their independence we have the opportunity to achieve a progressive national settlement for ourselves. George Monbiot describes both the process and the outcome.

Chekov has nabbed Arthur Aughey's post and with me being slightly more tolerant with wayward forms of expression;), I'll do instead a full review of Mark Perryman's piece later this weekend.
I'm leaving the above nonsensical quote for you as a taster to be going on with.
Scottish and Welsh independence hasn't been denied by "Britishness"- it has been denied by the fact that a clear majority in both Scotland and Wales have not and do not want "independence".

Don't believe me?

Then show me the election from either Scotland and Wales which has ever produced a majority in favour of separation.

You may take your time with this one.

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